Attunements and Empowerments

The ability to channel Reiki is passed from Master to Student through an Attunement (or Empowerment) process.  This process opens the Crown, Heart and Palm Chakras; and creates a direct channel to the Reiki Energy Source (i.e. the REI or Universal God-Force).  The Reiki Master is merely the conductor in this process; the energy channel is opened by the Energy Source.  In recent years, more and more information has come from Japan about the techniques that were used by Mikao Usui — these techniques have been preserved by an organisation called the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai; this organisation was founded after Usui's death by his friends and coleages in order to preserve his teachings.  Attunements as done Japanese-style are called Reiju Empowerments; they are very similar to empowerments used in Tendai Buddhism.  Some students feel a stronger connection to the energy after receiving attunements, others report a stronger connection after receiving empowerments so, on a Reiki Energy course, we do both.  On all Reiki Energy courses, students receive several attunements and several Reiju empowerments.

What do Attunements and Empowerments feel like?

What people feel during Attunements and Empowerments is as varied as the people receiving them.  However, the most common feeling is one of deep relaxaton and peace; it is also common to experience warmth, see colours or have pleasant tingling sensations in different parts of the body; it is also common to have a mixture of these sensations.  Some people do not feel anything at all.

Immediately after the Attunement/Empowerment, most people just feel very relaxed though some may feel mildly spaced out.  However, the Reiki Energy carries on working to bring the person into balance; it is thug common to experience some ups and downs or feel sleepy for a few days, or see colours more intensely — these effects are not dramatic and are just the Reiki energy at work.  Occasionally, a person can experience the immediate resolution of an ongoing health problem; it is not unusual for people to come along to a Reiki-2 course, a few months after doing Reiki-1, and reporting a definite improvement in some condition.