Reiki Support Area

Welcome to the Support Area.  This is a public area as we believe that visualisation, relaxation and meditation helps everyone, not just Reiki Healers.  However, if you are a Reiki Healer, you can improve yourself as a channel of healing by being more relaxed and meditation helps.  The guided visualisations are by Christiane Mills and the background music is by Al Sharp.  The tracks can be played or downloaded to your own computer.


Guided Visualisations

Relaxation (from the feet)
The Journey
Relaxation (from the eyes)
The Special Place
Body Meditation
Chakra Meditation

Coping with Stress Courses

5-week courses are run at regular intervals through the year (Cost: £50)

For dates and to book your place, plase contact:
Christiane Mills
Tel. 01206 853055

Some people find the group course sufficient on itís own. Others have found it very helpful to have one or two individual sessions as well. One to One sessions may be helpful if: You feel unsure about joining a group straight away, or You would like some help with issues that you would prefer to discuss in private. Individual sessions are available at extra cost. Please ask for further details if you are interested.

The effects of Stress on the body are wide and varied: anxiety, panic attacks, high blood pressure, loss of confidence and self-esteem, irrational behaviour, headaches, migraines, back pain, muscular tension,irritable bowel syndrome, depression, lack of concentration, withdrawn, lethargic, skin problems, depleted immune system, menstrual problems, loss of libido, breathing problems, allergies, etc.

Learning to relax can help. When we are in a state of tension, it becomes difficult for the mind and body to regain a state of balance and heal themselves; any psychological tension will bring muscle tension and the more we can learn to relax the less easily we will succumb to stress. In order to learn to relax, we will sit on a chair with our eyes closed and bring our attention inside ourselves. We will start by learning some breathing exercises. We then learn to relax the various parts of our body and to become more aware of the areas where we hold tension. We will also use mental imagery or Visualisation. Visualisation is an effective way to harness the power of the mind to induce a calm and peaceful state, letting go of tension in the body. Towards the end of the course there is an introduction to Meditation. Meditation creates changes at all levels of our being, the physical, emotional and mental levels as well as the spiritual level. Meditation is about quietening the mind in order to step away from our fears and find a state of inner peace and harmony.